Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello All~

It was a heat wave in Wisconsin today....snow and about 14 above. LOL Bailey went outside instead of peeing in Gramma and Gramps bed. That is a plus because they were very mad at her. Mom is still out hunting for a place for us to live, but not many places accept dogs...I do not see why not we are good animals....CATS are the bad ones. ROFL

Well it is time to hit the hay, Mom gets up at 2am and we need to get up at that time to go potty...which is WAY TO EARLY....our puppy eyes are still have shut at that time.

Have a good week all.

Scrappy, Bailey and Mom

Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Trying to Thaw Out~~~

It is -25 below zero not including the wind chill darn cold. I go outside and my paws freeze to the point I can not walk back to the house...Mom needs to come to my rescue...Thanks MOM!!! Well, she or Grandpa need to bring my in the house all the time since my hind leg has not been the same since the vet cut my nails a year ago Christmas Day. But I have been getting along great other that getting up the steps. Mom takes such good care of me. She is a good Doxie lover.

Speaking of cold...It is so cold Bailey keeps peeing in Gramma's bed...twice today...she had to spend time in the kennel...she has never been put in a kennel which she did not like...she cried and cried. Then right after Grandpa put her in the kennel that belongs to Gizmo (Gramma's dumb dog, he is a shitzu) and that is exactly what he is good at. He pooped on the floor so Bailey got released and it was Gizmo's turn...HAHAHA I have nto been in a kennel since I was 3 months old...Grandpa says I am the GOOD DOGGY : )

Mom went to look at the apartment today but the office said it was cold. The manager left a voicemail saying becuase schools were closed all across WI that he needed to stay home with his kids. She needs to reschedule the appointment for next a few more days to keep for paws crossed...that we soon can kind a new place to live.

I hope all of you liked our new pics, Mom spent $70.00 on them and still did not get all she wanted.

Well, I need to run off and cuddle with my is warm in her bed!!!

Have a great night and a stay warm weekend.

Puppy hugs and licks...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Evening from Freezin' Wisconsin...

WOWWWW 28 below zero and my paws are feeling it., they freeze as I try to walk....bbbbbrrrrrrr Well, I am all nestled into bed with my sister Bailey....cuddle and cozy. Who says sisters are good for nothing??? LOL Well Mommy goes and looks at an apartment for us tomorrow...we are keeping our paws crossed she gets it as we want her to be happy again. Bailey and I will miss Grams and Gramps but it will be so much better.

Please scroll down to see all our nice new pics, Mommy says we are adorable!!!

Off to doggy land.

Lights out!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello All~

Long time no blog...We been pretty laid back at our house. Bailey and I turned 5 years old on Nov. 5th, we had a cupckae party!!! Mommy is looking for a place of our own to live as Grandma is becoming a very bad alcoholic and Mommy is having a very hard time dealing with it. She spends a lot of time in her room crying and just trying to cope with the issue. She just gopt home from a two week vacation in Arizona visiting our other Grandpa and Grandma...Bailey and I missed her sooooooo muchhhhhh. My tail was just a wagging when she came waling thru the front door Jan. 5th. Christmas Day marks a 1 year anniversary the Vet diagnosed me with a bad knee cap and tendon. I have been doing just great....sometimes the cold bothers it but I am not laid up in bed like last year. I run around shaking my butt....LOL

Here are our recent pics with Santa (our Grandpa) and some others...Are we just not the perfect brother and sister???

Hope all is well with everyone this New Year.

Puppy Licks...