Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bailey Jean and Me...

Hey Everyone-

This is Scrappy and I even brought my sis Bailey Jean with me so she can say Hello to All!! We have been busy trying to post a new blog but Mommy has been busy filling out applications for a part-time job. She already works full time but wants to earn some money to help pay for me if anything serious needs to be done. I love my Mommy, she is the BEST! I go in for a 2nd opinion in 2 weeks, I am nervoussssssss. I do not like vets and Mommy still believes that my leg/hip is the way it is because of the vet. I went in on Dec. 18 to have 2 shots and may nails cut, but stubborn me when the vet tries to cut my hind legs I sit on them so he has to struggle to get the foot out from underneath me. I was fine until that day, since then I have not been normal. Mommy cries when she thinks about as she thinks the vet is going to say surgery. I am her baby she has had me since I was 2 months old. I give her that look telling her everything will be just fine....wiping her tears with my tongue. : ) She lovessssss puppy kisses.

Bailey and me have done nothing yet today besides lay in bed together and be all nice and cozy. It is bbbbrrrrrrrr here and neither one of us wants to go outside...unless Mommy is going to take us for a car ride....please please please...WE LOVE CAR RIDES!!!!

Well as long as I am here please remember to look at the Doggie Items Mommy has for scroll down and view her Doggie Items for Sale Blog...The towels set are still available and the black and yellow lab frames (I know you all love Dachsies but maybe you have a friend with a lab), send them to Our blog : )

Today I am posting a new photo frame for Mommy, it is a "Dog Blessed Frame and it adorable...Check it out!!! Mommy only has 2 available and they are $15.00 including shipping. It interested in purchasing one send us an email at

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P.S. Mommy is expecting some more Dachshund frames and even Beagle ones. We will let you know as soon as we get them.

Ohhhh yeahhhh, If you are Ebayers Mommy has items for sale there also... her id is Kristav33, take a peek!!!

With Love and Hugs,
God Bless,
Scrappy and Bailey


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hearing that story, we think it might be your hip. If your vet can't get to your feet without hurting you, we think your mommy needs to find a nicer vet! We don't like to get our nails cut either but the vet tech holds us while we get them clipped and we have never been hurt ... but you won't think it from the yelps we have let out!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy


It's so good to hear that you finally got another vet to go and check out your problem. Me don't like to be mean but your other vet sounds like a stinker.

I wish you lived here in Houston cause yous would like my vet Dr Ruth, her always plays with me before she even starts cutting me nails.

Be good...stay warm & safe....Love ya Mona

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi there Scrappy, Bailey and mommy Krista. Our daddy was just in Wisconsin and he said it's too cold! Our mommy would freeze into a statue!

We're sending good wishes your way cos R,S&A told us of the health issues. You got a pawsome bloggie so we'll stop by often but if you trot over don't be scared cos we're big and we bark loud!

Love Licks & waggin TX tails