Sunday, February 10, 2008


Me relaxing in the warm blankets

Bailey Jean with her new coat on

Hey Everyone!!!
Crikit, Sparky, and Ginger welcome to my circle of friends, and a special thanks to Sammy, Roxie, and Andy for sending you our way!!! We love meeting new friends. And as C, S, & G Daddy said it was cold in Wisconsin and today it is -45 degree with the wind chill, Bailey and I do not want to even go outside so we stay cuddle in the blankets.

Well, some news on my upcoming visit to the vet...Mommy stopped into the our regular vet this past Thursday and explained to the "OLD CRABBY" receptionist my situation (for the third time to people there) since that new employed vet cut my nails back in Dec. my back end has not been the same. The old crabby lady said sounds like and she recommends that Mommy has an x-ray done on it. So mommy set up and appointment for this coming Wedneday, please keep your tails and paws crossed that it is nothing major. I am very scared and Mommy is just as nervous as me. You are all probably asking, "Why are we going back the same vet? "Well the crabby old lady read my medical chart and she believes that my problem is due to the way that new employeed vet cut my nails, (but I know I was stubborn). She said he should of known better because doggies like me are little and very precious. So they are picking up the bill, and then after the results Mommy is going to find out if she can get all my visits, shots and pain killers since Dec. 18th reimbursed seeing it may be their fault I am crippled as Mommy calls it.
: )
So please wish us good luck, it will be a long day!
We will keep you all posted.
Back to my warm blanket in Mommy's bed!!!!!
Doggie kisses and tail wags to you all.
Scrappy and Bailey Jean


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Scrappy, we are glad you are going to have your back/hip checked out. At least the receptionist realized the new vet may have caused all of this trouble. We hope you can get all better without anything more than some medicine and rest. Resting isn't any fun but, if it will make you feel better in the long run, it is best to do it.

Roxie is going to the vet tomorrow because she keeps peeing on Mom or Mom's bed. Mom says Roxie could be in big trouble if she doesn't have a bladder infection ... We think Roxie is in big trouble and she is doing those things because she is mad at Mom. But, then, we also think Mom talks tough and Roxie will look at Mom with her big brown eyes and Roxie will get out of trouble pretty soon.

Sammy & Andy
Roxie is ignoring us

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Oh, and we wanted to say that Bailey Jean looks very nice in her new coat. We think you have the right idea to stay snuggled in the blankets. We don't like to be cold either!

R, S & A