Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Longer Snow Bound...For A While Anyways

Hello All-

Sorry we have not posted in a while, Mommy has been busy working full time, interviewing for full time jobs (she accepted one yesterday), and Bailey Jean and I are so chilled by all this snow we do nothing but hang out in Papa and Nana's bed : ) We got 10-12 inches of snow the Sunday into Monday, it was nasty. Papa shoveled as a path to go potty, otherwise we will not go outside at all. The snow is piled so high on each side looks like a tunnel to us seeing God only granted us with short legs...LOL

We doggie sat for our Satin last week, she is a long haired Dachsie but to Mommy she looks like a Dachsie mixed with a Black lab, she has really long legs and springs around the house like a kid on caffeine. She is to hyper for us so we ignored her. We were very glad to see her go home with her mom and dad, as she was stealing our Papa for three days. As you see, I or Mommy never told you, I am a Nana's boy and Bailey Jean is a Papa's girl, so Mommy always says she does not have a dog, only two kids to support...LOL We Love Her Too, when Papa and Nana aren't around!!!

Mommy has set up a new blog with her doggie items she has for sale. Please visit us at to see all the neat Dachsie thiings and other doggie stuff to

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