Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pictures of Attempted Photo Shoot....LOL

Here are pics from the "Attempted Photo Shoot"
It was snowing and blowing and Scrappy and Bailey Jean were cuddling and snoozing under the blankies....

Scrappy and Elisabeth (my 10 yr. old niece)

They went from a dog eat girl world to best pals. Scrappy used to chase her around the house, grab her pants leg and pull them right off her body...LOL She thought it was the funniest thing but he truly did not like her, can not tell by the pic can you???
Scrappy Update:
Scrappy is doing the same with all this snow we keep gettin' we will never make it to the vet for a second opinion...LOL We leave about 40 miles from the vet we are going to do see and the roads just are not in good shape. Today they said we are to get 1 inch only, by 3:00 pm we already had 4 inches on the ground and it is still coming down like rain. So you can guess what Scrappy and Bailey are doin'....Cuddling together stying warm!!!! : )
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Thank you for stopping : )
Love and God Bless,
Krista, Scrappy, and Bailey Jean


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We are sorry Scrappy hasn't been able to get his second opnion for his back/hip. And we are REALLY sorry dachsies are having to deal with snow. Snuggling together and staying warm sounds like the best idea ever!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy


Mona again,

the Mommy musta beeb asleep...her left a comment on "Let it snow" post. her has been cooking all ngiht for the Summer bowl party we be having today.

Please forgive the Mommy.

Lova ya...can't wait for some meatball & eggss..Yummuy.

Ps...go over to my blog if ya want to see some strange peoples...Mona

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hiya read about Scrappy's poorly leg on R, S, & A's blog so have come over to give you a bit of sympathy and say hope thinks are ok.


Jackson said...

Hey pals, Roxie, Sammy & Andy sent us over to say hello. Hope Scrappy's leg is getting better. J x



it's me Mona again. How is Scrappy doing? my Mommy wanted to let you know that she is thinking about him all the time and keeping him in her prayers.

The Mommy told me you said you had never met somebody who had a wirehaired dachsie before so the Mommy wanted you to know she will be writing a post soon about Siskle, my brudder.

Love ya....Mona & the Mommy