Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My day at the doctor's....

Hello All my fellow doggy friends and your owners,
Mommy took me to the vet today for my leg/hip problems, they had a xray scheduled but they did not do one. The doc just felt and moved my leg and hip and told Mommy that he believes it to not be my back....(yippie) and that my leg and hip are not dislocated....(yahooooooo), but that it is my knee cap. Because Dachsies have such short, crooked legs to begin with and me being overly plump and round does not help so my knee cap is out of place and does not work like it should. He said he could do surgery on it where he goes in and pins the tendong to the knee cap to hold it in place but is very painful and takes 6-8 months of bed rest to recover. But seeing I am not showing any pain and I get along the way I do he recommends not doing anything with it at this time. Besides for me to loses 5-10 lbs. So no more treats for me...DARN!!!! I had my paws crossed he would give us good information. So Mommy says she will just have to carry my fat 23.1 lb body around until the day I die...LOL She says they should allow her to claim me on her taxes as her crippled child...LOL Gotta love her!!!



Hi Scrappy,

me so happy you not going to have any surgery right now. me know's it is hard to lose weight because i watch the Mommy trying and i know it is hard sometime but her has lost 33 pounds since she had her surgery in October and she feels much better. Maybe your Mommy could get you some Healthy Desserts (they only have 100 calories each).

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day. me wants to invite your Mommy to come over to my bloggie and share the roses the Mommy got today.

Happy Valentine's to Bailey too.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Scrappy, we are so happy that your back and your hip are okay. It is a bother about your knee cap but that is not as worrisome as your back. We hate to say it, little buddy, but you are kind of plump. Mom keeps us on a pretty strict diet because she doesn't want us to get fat. She even limits our treats! We hope you are able to lose a few pounds so you don't put so much pressure on that knee.